The small engines have a muffler like this shown to the right.

Recent larger Saito engines have a muffler type as shown below


It is usually better to mount the muffer in such a way that it points downward. Any excess fuel will then run out, not back into the cylinder.

The mufflers on Saito engines use 10mm (50,56 engines), 12mm (65, 80, 91, 100 engines), 13mm (125a), 14mm (120, 150, 180 engines), and 15mm (220) thread sizes.

An alternative to the standard muffler is a flexible exhaust tube.  These are a little louder than the muffler, but not too noisy. Some versions have pressure taps.

Old type muffler shown below..

Saito muffler
Saito-90deg-elbow (WinCE)

90-degree adapters  (see above and below) can be useful for engines with the exhaust that exits out the side when using a flex-pipe exhaust. For the Saito-65 ,72,80,82a,91,100 (12mm thread) the part number is SAI65140 Saito-125 (13mm thread) the part number is SAI125A140  For the Saito-220 (15mm thread) the part number is SAI220A140.

engine_and_90deg-adapter (WinCE)

Flexible exhaust pipes are available in different thread sizes.

10mm size (above) for 50,56 singles and 100 twin  (thread size is M10x1.0)

12 mm size for 65, 72, 80, 91, 100 engines. A flex pipe exhaust without pressure tap is part number SAI65111A shown below.


A 12mm flexible exhaust pipe with a pressure tap is Saito part number 182TD-1112 (Horizon Hobbies part SAI182TD1112)

The Saito-125 exhaust size is 13mm. The flex exhaust is SAI125A111

14mm size (see left and below) for 120, 150, 180 singles and 270,300 twins.

The Saito-220 has a 15mm thread. SAI220A143 is the flex pipe part.

The flexible exhaust to the left (about 6 inches long) differs from the others shown above in that it has a threaded end on the outlet so that a conventional muffler may be screwed on.

Telemaster Trainer with Saito-65  This engine was purchased about 1989 and has the very old one-piece muffler that was sold with the Saito-50 and Saito-65 at that time

Saito-65 has Perry P-20 pump, fuel filter, OS Type-F plug, and APC 13x6 prop. Carb not adjusted for 10 years. Still runs great with 2000 idle rpm.  Note old-style one-piece muffler.

The Saito-45S did not come with a real muffler. Just a short pipe with a pressure tap.  (This engine is no longer sold in US; it is the same size and weight as the Saito-50 and Saito-56)

You may be interested in mufflers from companies other than Saito

Slim-Line Products.

Davis Diesel Development

MACS Products

Performance Specialties

A possible point of confusion:  The optimistic English often  refer to ‘mufflers’ as ‘silencers’.


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