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The following web pages are based entirely on my own experiences and are not necessarily representative of Saito (the engine manufacturer), or distributors such as Horizon Hobby in the US.  The purpose is to help new users of Saito engines and is a volunteer effort only. Comments and suggestions are welcome; please contact me via email.  I sell no products or services, and can not provide repair advice.

Saito Engines

Information on these web pages is limited to the single cylinder engines..

      The Saito engines are made in different case sizes that have differing sizes, weights, and mounting dimensions. The available single cylinder engines are listed below. Engines on the list below have different weights and dimensions. For specific dimensions check this other web page.
                     Saito  FA-30SH
                     Saito  FA-40a
                     Saito  FA-45S, FA-50, FA-56 , FA-56F, FA-62a
                     Saito  FA-72, FA-82a, FG-14b              
                     Saito  FA-65, FA-80, FA-91S, FA-115, FG-17         
                     Saito  FA-100
                     Saito  FA-125a  FG-20
                     Saito  FA-120S, FA-150H, FA-180, FG-30
                     Saito  FA-220, Saito  FG-36

            Notes: The Saito-45S was sold in Europe and Australia but not in the US.
                         Saito-45S manufacture discontinued  2006;   Saito-50, 65, 80 manufacture discontinued 2007
                         Not all of the above engines are imported into the US
                         The black colored GK versions are identical except for black paint.

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