Glow Plugs

It is probably best to use the Hangar-9 plug that comes with the new Saito engines or the OS Type-F plug.  At left is the Hangar-9  HAN3011 plug sold by Horizon Hobbies. It has the letter ‘H’ stamped on the plug. On the right is the OS Type-F plug that has the letter ‘F’ stamped on the side. The OS plug might come in two package types but is the same plug.

At right you can see the difference between the HAN3010 plug and the newer HAN3011 plug that is now distributed with new engines.


Hangar-9 plug for Saito

Hangar-9 / McCoy plug that formerly came with new Saito engines.  HAN3010 This plug no longer seems to be sold and has been replaced by the HAN-3011


Saito glow plug

Saito P2 plug. This is similar to HAN3010 but with black colored body. This plug does not seem to be available now.

Older Saito engines had literature that mentioned Saito P2 and P3 glow-plugs. I was unable to distinguish between P2 and P3 plugs, and they seemed to be identical to the US-made McCoy plugs. Until recently engines sold in the US had Hangar-9 plugs (HAN3010) that also seem to be made by McCoy, but new engines now have the HAN3011 plug that is made in Taiwan and looks like it is from a different manufacturer. The Thunderbolt 4-cycle plugs (from HobbyPeople) also seem to be made by McCoy.  Many people report improved performance after switching from the Saito plug to the OS F-type plug - if you are having trouble with your engine first try installing a new OS F-type plug. However, I have always been able to successfully use the standard plug that came with the engine with no real complaints, however I now mostly use only the OS F-type plug out of habit, not because others don’t work. It is best to keep an open mind regarding plug type because the fuel type and prop has some effect on the optimum plug, and you should be prepared to try different types if you are not happy with what you now use.

The English MaxFlash No7 plug seems to work as well as the OS and Hangar-9 plugs. The MaxFlash plugs come in a variety of heat options; the number 7 version, which is the hottest, seems best in my experience for the Saito engines, although you may like to try a cooler plug, ie No 5 or No 6 if you use fuel with lots of nitro.

Other plugs that may work for you are shown below.

The Sonictronics plug looks like a
re-packaged McCoy plug

The K&B four stroke plug  (KB-4C) should work OK

Do not over-tighten glowplugs, Do not remove a glowplug to add after-run oil except for possible long-term storage (after-run oil should normally be added via the crankcase vent). Frequent removal and over-tightening of  glowplugs increases the probability of stripped or cross-threads. There is usually never a need to inspect a glowplug and you can expect them to last for several years in a 4-stroke engine that is properly run a little rich.. 


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